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Being conscious and responsible. For real.

We genuinely care about our impact, and we are honest about it.

To the word Sustainability we prefer Responsibility.


We know responsibility is about making choices and we thrive to always make the most relevant ones.

We work daily on doing better than yesterday, on minimizing our ecological footprint and improving our social impact. And we hope that by the cascading effect of motivating stakeholders to improve themselves, we partly offset some of the impact we have (among them, the plane travel our customers do). 

We assess
We do have an ecological impact, whatever we do.
To become better, we start by regularly assessing it so we can become stronger.


We acknowledge
In order to improve, we start by acknowledging our impact.
We want to stay away from a general greenwashing and lead the way for a genuinely responsible sports travel industry. This is the first step towards it.


We improve
We look at alternatives to turn negative impact into positive when possible, or to reduce it to the minimum when not.


We listen
We will not always find the best options on our own. We often won't.
So we listen to what our customers, partners and communities suggest us.
Because together we can have a greater positive impact.


We improve some more
To avoid complacency, we repeat the assessment-acknowledgement-improvement cycle constantly.
And to make sure we do not take it for granted, we schedule quarterly workshops on the matter with stakeholders.

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