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Passionate teams to take you see the world differently

Our love for cycling and running is as big as our passion for adventure, discoveries, encounters, and for seeing the world the way locals see it.

We blend comfort and adventure to craft you the perfect trip!

Cycle to meet people

Our Story

Traveling “simply” since I am a child – with some luxury stays thrown here and there – I’ve always enjoyed getting up close and personal with local people and cultures, wherever I went.

Over time, I realized how much I enjoyed (and how much they did too!) embarking people around me on my adventures and make them see the world with the same amazed, almost candid eyes I have – providing them the safety and comfort of being taken care of.


LocalRoutes popped into my mind in 2019 but was soon put aside because of a safe, comfortable job I had. Classic!

Fast forward a few years , a job that no longer excites me, and a search for purpose…

And because I am a fond sports enthusiast and I believe endurance sports can take you to the most unique places and generate the most interaction with locals, LocalRoutes was born!

A chance to take people discover places they wouldn't otherwise, and show them differently from the way a traditional tour would: more simply, in a more authentic and genuinely more responsible way, but always with the comfort and safety to keep the experience amazing!

Endurance Travel Passionate

Nicolas Brocard

Founder and Endurance Travel Passionate

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