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The Philippines: latin Asia at its best, from crystal clear seas to rural lands and volcanoes . Explore  and feel the warmth of the locals.

The Philippines

The Philippines is a country that offers an incredible array of natural wonders and cultural experiences. And yet it still gets less touristic attention than some of its neighbours. Now one of the best things about exploring the Philippines by bike is that you get the ability to truly venture off the beaten path. Really! With over 7,000 islands and a diverse landscape, there are countless routes to explore, from the lush rainforests of Palawan to the rolling hills of Batanes. These routes will take you to hidden gems, such as secluded beaches, remote waterfalls, historic churches from the Spanish era and traditional villages, that few tourists get to see. ​ Don't be fooled though, the Philippines is a volcanic and geologically diverse country. We have scouted some of the routes making for the best experiences, with flat roads, steep climbs, winding descents... Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or a casual rider, we have routes to suit all levels of ability – and the best support team for you to maximize your pleasure! One of the great things about cycling in the Philippines is the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture. Filipinos are friendly and welcoming people, and cycling through their villages and towns is a great way to experience their way of life. You'll see traditional and more modern houses, colorful markets selling fresh produce, and locals going about their daily business. And because locals do speak English, you will have plenty of opportunities to interact and meet new friends every day! If you're looking for a sporty and adventurous way to discover this amazing country, then hop on a bike and start pedaling! Mabuhay sa Pilipinas!

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