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Thailand's jewels by bicycle

7 days

From $1,575




7 days

Active days

6 days

Daily distance

49 km / day avg.

Daily climb

285 m / day avg.

About this tour

This journey takes us through centuries from temple to temple, along rivers, and deep into the Thai countryside. It offers plenty to marvel at, learn from, and gets us to discover the culture of the Land of Smiles as we traverse the hinterlands at a leisurely pace.

Day by day itinerary

Day 1

Bangkok – Ayutthaya
37 kms / 220m ascent

We pick you up from your hotel in Bangkok and head to the former Royal summer residence of Bang Pa-In Palace in the outskirts of town. Built as far back as the 17th century, the palace is still occasionally visited by the royal family on special occasions.

After a casual stroll through its gardens – a good occasion to meet each other – we cross the Chao Phraya for a nice riverside lunch. We then hop onto our bikes and ride on quiet local country roads towards Ayutthaya, a former capital of the Siamese Kingdom and now UNESCO World Heritage site. The city has been a major cultural and trading hub for centuries, and the past grandeur can still be seen on the numerous temples at which we will stop.

A great introductory day to Thailand’s history!

Day 2

Ayutthaya – Uthai Thani
62 kms / 240m ascent

After a short transfer to keep waking up slowly after breakfast, we will visit Wat Chaiyo Worawihan, where you'll encounter a magnificent 24-meter tall golden Buddha statue, adorned with intricate carvings and surrounded by ornate pagodas. We wander through the temple complex to discover stunning murals depicting ancient tales and immerse ourselves in the serene atmosphere of this revered spiritual site.

We then start cycling northbound along the Chao Phraya, enjoy the peaceful scenery until our lunch break at a delicious local place.

We have the option then to either transfer to our hotel or ride another 30kms to close the day, before relaxing by the river for the evening.

Day 3

Uthai Thani – Kamphaeng Phet – Sukhothai
53 kms / 230m ascent

Today starts with a tranquil ride to Hat Thanong, a village that specializes in knife-making using ancestral methods inherited over generations and formerly employed in the illegal craft of gun-making.

We then hop into the van towards the walled city of Kamphaeng Phet, now a UNESCO World Heritage site. We slowly explore the well-preserved remnants of the fortified walls, exquisite temples adorned with intricate architectural details, and archaeological sites that reveal the city's glorious past.

After lunch, we set for another short ride to Phra Ruang hot springs, a locals’ favourite spot where we’ll practice our Thai with young and less-young alike and let our legs rest in the warm water!

Day 4

Sukhothai – Phrae
27 kms / 170m ascent

We start the day with leisurely cycling through the remnants of the old town as we learn about its rich history and how it shaped both the people and the country through the ages.

Sukhothai flourished as a powerful and prosperous capital from the 13th to the 15th century when it experienced a golden age marked by advancements in governance, art, and culture. It was during this time that the Thai alphabet was developed, laying the foundation for the modern Thai language. Sukhothai's legacy is reflected in its remarkable architectural wonders, such as the temples of Wat Mahathat and Wat Si Chum, which continue to inspire awe and reverence today.

After lunch we transfer to the town of Phrae which marks a whole new era in Thailand’s history. We will visit Chao Luang House, a historic teakwood mansion built in the early 20th century and serving as the residence of Lampang's ruling family, showcasing their wealth and influence. Today, the mansion stands as a captivating testament to the region's aristocratic past, with its intricate architectural details and elegant interiors offering a glimpse into the refined lifestyle of northern Thailand's former rulers.

In the evening, the focus will shift entirely to another aspect of Thai culture as we head to the renowned Phratu Chai Market to feast on local delicacies, savoury and sweet alike. Let your tastebuds get excited!

Day 5

Phrae – Lamphang
60 kms / 650m ascent

We get riding straight from our hotel today and up into the mountains. The road through Doi Pha Klong National Park is undulating and the 13 kms climb will make for the biggest ascent of the trip – but fear not, the light gradients make it an accessible challenge. We stop en route at the beautiful Huai Mae Ta Railway Bridge before heading towards the little and charming Wat Salaeng. We may decide to visit the curious Komol Old Cloth museum or transfer directly towards Lamphang.

With a history dating back to the 7th century, Lamphang served as an important trading hub and was once the capital of the ancient Haripunchai Kingdom before becoming a major fortified city of the Lanna Kingdom from the 13th to 18th century. It is now renowned for its well-preserved traditional architecture, and we will discover it when visiting the ancient, fortified temple of Wat Phra That Lampang Luang.

For those who feel like riding a little more, we cycle leisurely to our hotel and take in the laid-back atmosphere of the city, admiring the city's old town, horse-drawn carriages, and vibrant local markets that make Lamphang an out-of-time and authentic Thai experience.

Day 6

Lamphang – Lamphun – Chiang Mai
55 kms / 260m ascent

After breakfast we start with a 1-hour transfer to the start of our ride, for a day focused on the Lanna culture.

We begin with a pleasant 20kms and then stop for coffee and a visit of the Lamphun Museum where we’ll get to know more about the ancient rulers of the region and their fascinating history.

We then cycle around Wat Phra That Haripunchai and then North along the Ping river through beautiful orchards where you will admire plenty of different exotic fruits depending on the season: lychees, mangoes, jackfruits, and more!

We keep riding through the ruins of Wiang Khum Kham, a Mon settlement now a millennium old that had been destroyed and abandoned, but since then excavated and being restored.

This takes us close to our hotel where we will celebrate our last day on the bike, freshen up, enjoy the pool and head into Chiang Mai’s walled city for a stroll through the night market and a feast of local delicacies!

Day 7

Chiang Mai
Optional ride: 47 kms / 1,270m ascent

The day is yours to visit the charming town of Chiang Mai and all the culture it has to offer, chill by the pool, have a massage or catch your next flight to the Southern beaches.

You can also join us off the bike (or ride your bike and meet us there) for a drive up to Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, a revered Buddhist temple dating back to the 14th century and overlooking the whole city of Chiang Mai. On our way back to the walled city, we’ll stop at Wat Suan Dok, a mesmerizing temple known for its serene and expansive grounds and known for its unique history as a royal cemetery, adding an intriguing layer to its cultural significance.

We stop for a last lunch together at a vibrant spot before we take you back to your hotel and bid farewell. Sawadee!

Note: the ride up and down Doi Suthep is an absolute pleasure for cyclists but requires a strong level of fitness as it is a 47 kms ride with 1,270 meters of ascent with no support vehicle!


What is included:

  • Support vehicle

  • Accommodation (twin-sharing basis)

  • Meals

  • Snacks and drinks during activities

  • Tour leader

What is excluded:

  • International flights

  • Domestic flights

  • Airport pick up

  • Airport drop off

  • Visa fees

  • Alcohol

  • Bicycle rental (can be arranged at an extra cost)

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