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Chiang Mai to Bangkok by bicycle

10 days

From $2,250




10 days

Active days

10 days

Daily distance

95 km / day avg.

Daily climb

594 m / day avg.

About this tour

Get to experience a great mix of culture and local life scenes by riding from the mountains of the North in Lanna territory to the Central plains, deep into the golden age of Siam and the kingdoms of Sukhothai and Ayutthaya.

Day by day itinerary

Day 1

Chiang Mai
47 kms / 300m ascent (other option with 1,260m ascent)

We meet after your check-in early afternoon, get to know each other and head out for an easy ride to test the bikes and proceed with the necessary adjustments after a long travel. It is a day to get accustomed with local traffic rules and practices and notice how respectful Thai drivers are with cyclists.

You may also decide to just take it easy and visit on foot the beautiful temples the city has to offer.

Day 2

Chiang Mai – Lampang
119 kms / 1,110m ascent

We leave the “Rose of the North” and embark on a journey towards Lampang on a tree-adorned road offering a delightful ride. The landscape undulates as we make our way until we encounter a moderately challenging 9kms ascent. It does get steep by the end, but always within single-digit gradients. Lampang is a beautiful region that still retains the charm of horse-drawn carriages going around.

We stop en route to explore one of Thailand's most ancient and profoundly sacred pagodas, Wat Phra That Hariphunchai followed by the remarkable fortified temple, Wat Phra That Lampang Luang.

Day 3

Lampang – Uttaradit
146 kms / 2,080m ascent

We take off early today for the toughest day of this trip. We have quite some distance and elevation to cover so we’ll take it easy to keep the legs in shape until the end.

The road undulates throughout the day, with some steep climbs along the way. The beautiful landscapes, forests, temples and buddhas will blow you away and encourage you to keep pushing and see some more!

Enjoy, not many foreigners get to see this side of the country.

Day 4

Uttaradit – Sukhothai
97 kms / 290m ascent

There’s nothing quite like a relatively flat day to let the legs recover from climbs past!

We are now in remote territories, riding on shaded roads under a tree canopy, discovering rural Thailand at its best, through villages and rice paddies…

We head towards Sukhothai, the first capital of the Thai Kingdom dating back to the Golden Age and gifted with numerous temples and palaces for you to discover tomorrow.

Day 5

35 kms / 120m ascent

Today is a rest day (or semi-rest day) when you’ll get to discover the amazing old capital.

Explore the captivating ruins of Sukhothai, a UNESCO World Heritage site renowned for its ancient temples and historical significance. Wander through the meticulously preserved remnants of the ancient capital, marvelling at the intricately designed Buddhist statues and awe-inspiring architecture.

Bike is the likely the best way to enjoy the city, but you may prefer to take the day off and get around on foot and by tuk tuk – we leave that up to you.

Day 6

Sukhothai – Kampheng Phet
94 kms / 350m ascent

We bid farewell to the past Kings and head towards Khampeng Phet. The ride today is pleasant and undulating.

We then get time to explore the well-preserved ancient city walls, gateways, and temples that transport us back in time – a time when the city used to be the first line of defence of the neighbouring Sukhothai

The preservation state, very different from other historical sites, will make you feel the serenity and tranquillity that pervades the air in a remarkable testament to the country's rich cultural heritage.

Day 7

Kampheng Phet – Nakorn Sawan
127 kms / 465m ascent

We ride through the region that feeds Thailand and the world today, and you will soon see why! Rice paddies after rice paddies, buffaloes roaming around… We are in a highly agricultural area where we will get amazed at how locals go about their daily chores – a mix of old traditions and modern practices.

We remain very remote and get the chance to see the real Thailand – make the most of it by trying to get in touch with locals along the way and (re)discover their hospitality!

Day 8

Nakorn Sawan – Singburi
142 kms / 630m ascent

Today is again a long day with limited elevation. We take it easy and enjoy the scenery. Landscapes get a bit denser, but we take you onto local back roads and keep enjoying the slow-paced life surrounding us.

Day 9

Singburi – Ayutthaya
92 kms / 400m ascent

We leave Singburi today with the excitement of what’s ahead: a beautiful morning on the saddle and a whole afternoon to discover Ayutthaya.

Once we reach, we freshen up at the hotel, have an enjoyable lunch and head out on a captivating journey through the UNESCO World Heritage site and former capital of Thailand. The ancient city is a marvellous accumulation of majestic ruins, old temples and palaces that stand as a testament to the city's grandeur – we cannot guarantee you won’t have neck pain by constantly looking right and left at so many marvels surrounding you!

Immerse yourself in the rich history and cultural heritage of Ayutthaya, where the past comes alive in a captivating blend of architecture and spirituality.

We will then have a charming dinner on the river contemplating the temples once again at sunset.

Day 10

Ayutthaya – Bang Pa-In – Bangkok
58 kms / 190m ascent

We start our last riding day by heading South along the river towards the former Royal summer palace of Bang Pa-In.

We keep enjoying quiet country roads until we reach Bangkok outskirts, and then hop into the van to avoid Bangkok’s infamous traffic.

Relax, have a stroll through the historical centre and we meet again for a last dinner together, celebrating our achievement and dreaming of future trips!


What is included:

  • Support vehicle

  • Accommodation (twin-sharing basis)

  • Meals

  • Snacks and drinks during activities

  • Tour leader

What is excluded:

  • International flights

  • Domestic flights

  • Airport pick up

  • Airport drop off

  • Visa fees

  • Alcohol

  • Bicycle rental (can be arranged at an extra cost)

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